HASK0101FU ASY, Kritisk analyse og forskningsfærdigheder (F22)

Årgang 2021/2022
Engelsk titel

Critical Analysis and research skills


Fagstudieordning Kandidatuddannelserne i nærorientalsk arkæologi, assyriologi og ægyptologi, 2019

Fagstudieordning Kandidattilvalg i assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi, ægyptologi, 2019



This course will discuss topics of special relevance within the area of Assyriology. There will be discussions of secondary and primary literature, students will be asked to present readings and a topic of their choice that they will research in depth in the course of the semester. This course is meant to give students basic research skills in preparation for their MA thesis.


KA 2019-studieordning
Kritisk analyse og forskningsfærdigheder (aktivitetskode HASK03531E)

KA 2019-Tilvalgstudieordning
Kritisk analyse og forskningsfærdigheder (aktivitetskode HASK13531E)

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