HANK03451U MACA Fieldwork and Project Management

Volume 2022/2023

Master of Applied Cultural Analysis


The course centers around a fieldwork-based project, carried out in close cooperation with a corporation or public institution. The fieldwork and the analytical approaches is developed, approved and carried out as a well-defined and clearly delineated project, that aims to give the student competences in project design, administration, basic budgeting and communication of results. There is a focus on implementing research, identifying milestones and report writing. The project will provide advanced level knowledge of applying different methodological approaches and analytical strategies. The ethical dimensions of research and fieldwork are part of both the project work and the writing of the report. The aim of the course is for the student to learn how to independently develop and carry out a project in a concrete work setting. The student will learn to evaluate and choose the right methodological tools for a given project and to choose the best forms for reporting the results.

Classes consist of a combination of lectures, seminars, student presentations and group exercises.
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