HØEK0104EU CANCELLED: ØST, Holocaust and Gulag as history, memory and culture

Volume 2019/2020

Curriculum for the BA programme for the East and South East European Studies with specialisations in Balkan Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Polish and Russian, the 2015 curriculum

Curriculum for the BA programme for Eastern European Studies, The 2018 Curriculum

Curriculum for the elective studies in Eastern European Studies, The 2019 Curriculum

Curriculum for Master´s Programme in Russian Language and Culture
The 2008 Curriculum

Curriculum for Master´s Programme in Eastern European Studies, The 2019 Curriculum

Curriculum for Master’s Programme in Cross-Cultural Studies, The 2015 Curriculum



This course investigates the difficult history and painful cultural legacies of the Holocaust and the Gulag in Eastern Europe. Starting from an introduction to the events themselves, the course moves on to study how the Holocaust and the Gulag have been represented in public and cultural memory such as literature, popular culture, memorial museums and political discourse.

Learning Outcome

KA i Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Fordybelsesemne, Særligt studeret emne - Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAK03551E)
Fordybelsesemne, Særligt studeret emne - Polen (aktivitetskode HPLK03551E)
Fordybelsesemne, Særligt studeret emne - Rusland (aktivitetskode HRUK03551E)

BA-tilvalg i Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Valgfrit emne A (aktivitetskode HØEB10171E)
Valgfrit emne B (aktivitetskode HØEB10181E)

KA-tilvalg i Østeuropastudier 2019-studieordning:
Fordybelsesemne (aktivitetskode HØEK13551E)
Særligt studeret emne A (aktivitetskode HØEK13591E)
Særligt studeret emne B (aktivitetskode HØEK13592E)

BA i Østeuropastudier 2018-studieordning:
Valgfrit emne - Russisk (aktivitetskode HRUB01241E)
Valgfrit emne - Polsk (aktivitetskode HPLB01241E)
Valgfrit emne - Balkan(aktivitetskode HBAB01241E)

BA i Øst- og Sydøsteuropastudier 2015-studieordning:
Særligt studeret emne - Russisk (aktivitetskode HRUB00791E)
Særligt studeret emne - Polsk (aktivitetskode HPLB00791E)
Særligt studeret emne - Balkan (aktivitetskode HBAB00791E)

KA i Russisk 2008-studieordning:
Valgfag (aktivitetskode HRUK03371E)

KA i Polsk 2008-studieordning:
Valgfag (aktivitetskode HPLK03371E)

KA i Østeuropastudier (russisk) 2008-studieordning:
Særligt studeret emne I (aktivitetskode HØEK03211E)
Særligt studeret emne II (aktivitetskode HØEK03231E)
Emne B: Fri fagdisciplin (aktivitetskode HØEK03241E)
Valgfag (aktivitetskode HØEK03261E)

KA i Tværkulturelle studier 2015-studieordning:
Regional specialisering (aktivitetskode HTÆK03021E)
Regional specialisering med sprog (aktivitetskode HTÆK03041E)

Online course reader as well as individual syllabus

The course will be a mixture of lectures and seminars. Students are expected to contribute to the discussions and give an oral presentation of a relevant case study. 2 hours every week are dedicated to discussions in tutorials
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