HÆGK0101EU Hieratic

Volume 2020/2021

Fagstudieordning Kandidatuddannelserne i nærorientalsk arkæologi, assyriologi og ægyptologi, 2019


Introduction to the cursive script hieratic, focussing on the Middle and New Kingdom, and reading both literary and administrative texts

Learning Outcome

KA 2019-studieordning
Hieratic (aktivitetskode HÆGK03501E)


Paleographies, primarily in the form of G. Möller, Hieratische Paläographie, vol. I-III, as well as the Egyptian texts themselves.

Students must already have a good knowledge of Middle Egyptian grammar and text-reading experience at a level corresponding to a BA degree. It is also expected that students either have taken Late Egyptian or that they will take it in parallel with this course.
Students are expected to have a reading knowledge of English, German and French.
Classroom lectures and seminars
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  • 56
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  • 356,5
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  • 412,5
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