APSK15748U Elective Course - Health Psychology in non-clinical settings

Volume 2020/2021

Health Psychology investigates the psychological and behavioral processes in health and healthcare. What are the psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors affecting individuals’ perceptions and behaviors with regard to health and healthcare, such as preventive behaviors? What are key theoretical models describing these relationships? This course aims to provide an understanding of the interplay between physical well-being and a variety of social, psychological, and biological factors. Research-based examples will be presented to illustrate the topics and provide material for discussion. The classes will include structured lectures covering key concepts, and group activities promoting engagement with other students and the lecturer.


Learning Outcome

The purpose of these modules is to expand knowledge or put the psychological subject area into perspective through theoretical or empirical specialisation within subject areas within or related to psychology. Upon completion of the elective subject module within the Department of Psychology, students are able to:

  • describe and account for relevant concepts and themes within the elective subject
  • describe and account for relevant methodological approaches in relation to the subject matter for the elective subject
  • explain contexts, analyse and/or conduct procedures relevant to the elective subject under supervision.
The format of the classes will be mainly lecture and discussions, with an initial introduction to the topics, followed by discussions based on research articles and group activities
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  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 30
  • Total
  • 30
Not relevant
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Written assignment
Free written assignment submitted in Digital Eksamen according to the exam schedule.
The exam paper can be written in groups of maximum 3 students.
1 student max 12 pages, 2 students max 15 pages and 3 students max 18 pages
Exam registration requirements

It is a prerequisite for submitting the final exam that you have attended a minimum of 75% of all classes.

All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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No external censorship
Exam period

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