APSB11751U Elective Course - Leadership assessment

Volume 2021/2022

How can leadership behaviors be measured? What leadership behaviors should we assess? How can we select leaders who perform effectively and foster their subordinates’ well-being? This course centers on these practically relevant questions at the intersection of research and practice on behavior-based leadership assessment and provides insights on the research areas of leadership and personnel selection in this context. The scientific background, advantages and limitations of behavior-based leadership assessment methods in light of current research and practical challenges are discussed. This elective course consists of both lectures and group activities. One particular focus of this course is on the practical application of the acquired knowledge in several group exercises. In these exercises, students learn to develop behavior-based methods to assess leadership behaviors and discuss different concepts of leadership behaviors. The course is particularly aimed at students who are interested in the topics of leadership selection and assessment and who appreciate gaining practical experience in the construction of behavioral leadership assessment methods.

Learning Outcome

The purpose of these modules is to expand knowledge or put the psychological subject area into perspective through theoretical or empirical specialisation within subject areas within or related to psychology. Upon completion of the elective subject module within the Department of Psychology, students are able to:

  • describe and account for relevant concepts and themes within the elective subject
  • describe and account for relevant methodological approaches in relation to the subject matter for the elective subject
  • explain contexts, analyse and/or conduct procedures relevant to the elective subject under supervision.
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  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 28
  • Total
  • 28
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Type of assessment
Written assignment
Written assignment
Written assignment submitted in Digital Eksamen according to the exam schedule.
The exam paper can be written in groups of maximum 3 students.
1 student max 12 pages, 2 students max 15 pages and 3 students max 18 pages

For a group assignment, each student’s contribution must be clearly identifiable to allow for individual assessment. A minor part of the assignment may be written collaboratively.
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
Exam period

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