HMGK03061U AMIS: Project Management

Volume 2017/2018

Advanced Migration Studies


The module will give the student:

Knowledge of the planning, administration and evaluation of a migration-related project in all of its phases and stages.

Skills in critically analysing diversity-related dilemmas in the course of a project proposed by a panel of employer representatives, and in developing and communicating suitable solutions.

Competences in taking responsibility for the co-ordination and administration of a project and discipline in operating under time and funding constraints.

Learning Outcome

The examinee is able to:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the organisation and management of a migration-related project designed to address concrete problems posed by cultural diversity in a company or corporation. 

Analyse and evaluate empirical data under supervision and select suitable methodological solutions. 

Implement adequate strategies of communication in presenting concrete solutions to the case under investigation.

Course literature will be individual

Individual or group project work and supervision.
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Type of assessment
Written assignment
Written take-home assignment, optional subject chosen from a list proposed by a panel of employer representatives
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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No external censorship
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