HLIK00117U LIN; Lingvistisk emne - Clinical Linguistics

Årgang 2017/2018
Engelsk titel

Clinical Linguistics


This course aims at bringing together theoretical linguistics and the clinical practice. We will discuss a wide range of speech and language pathologies, including developmental, acquired and degenerative syndromes, and how these conditions affect language production and comprehension. Historical and current issues regarding basic brain anatomy, localization, lateralization of language functions and brain imaging will also be addressed.


Unit 1. Language and brain. Biological and psychological aspects.

Unit 2. Neuroanatomy. The human brain.

Unit 3. Speech vs. language pathologies.

Unit 4. Genetic disorders.

Unit 5. Developmental disorders

Unit 6. Acquired disorders

Unit 7. Degenerative disorders

Unit 8. Data collection




Ahlsén, E. (2006) Introduction to Neurolinguistics, Amsterdam/Filadelfia: Benjamins Publishing Company.

Ball, M., Perkins, M., Müller, N. & Howard, S. (eds.) Handbook of Clinical Linguistics. Oxford: Blackwell.

Damico, Jack S., Nicole Müller & Martin J. Ball (eds.) (2010) The Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders. Blackwell Publishing.

Grodzinsky, Y. & Amunts, K. (2006) (eds.) Broca’s region, Oxford: Oxford University Press.


- Theoretical:

a) Foundations of the discipline, basic anatomy and neuroimaging.
b) Introduction to speech and language pathologies and diagnostic methods.
c) Familiarization with experimental techniques.

- Practical:
a) How to approach multidisciplinary articles.
b) Development and implementation of experimental tasks.


- Evaluation:
In addition to the group exercises to be done in class, the evaluation will consist of a final a free essay of 15-19 pages.

- Language requirements:
The course will be taught in English, although there is a possibility of writing the final essay in Danish.
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