HINK00038U CANCELLED, Speaking with the Past: Explorations in Language and History

Volume 2017/2018

KA-studieordningen for Indianske sprog og kulturer (2008)

KA-studieordningen for Østeuropastudier  (2008)

KA-studieordningen for Eskimologi  (2008)

KA-studieordningen for Asienstudier  (2008)

KA-studieordningen for Tværkulturelle studier  (2015)



The course explores various theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of history using perspectives and methods from linguistics and linguistic anthropology. The aim is for students to understand how history is accessed through language, and to cultivate awareness of how critical attention to language and its structures (from grammar to text and discourse structures) participates in shaping our understanding of history.

Topically we cover ground from the comparative historical method and theories of language change, sociolinguistics and dialectology, to structural and post-structuralist approaches to text-analysis and representation, and to the potential of linguistics in the study of deep history. Methodologically we will do practical exercises in applying different types of linguistic methods on historical sources.

Lectures draw on the instructor’s experience with the languages and histories of indigenous Mesoamerica and North America, and draws its empirical examples from that contexts, but the methods and theories can be applied to any region or period. Students will be able to work with sources from their own regions and fields and on ongoing projects, and they will present analyses for each other at a weekly colloquium which supplements the lectures

Learning Outcome

KA-studieordningen for Indianske sprog og kulturer, 2008

Særligt studeret område (fagelementkode HINK03151E)

KA-studieordningen for Østeuropastudier, 2008

Emne B: Fri fagdisciplin (fagelementkode HØEK03241E)

KA-studieordningen for Eskimologi, 2008

Samfunds- og kulturanalytisk eskimologisk emne (fagelementkode HESK03431E)

KA-studieordningen for Asienstudier, 2008

Emnekusus B/Specialized topic B: 

Koreastudier (fagelementkode HKOK03501E)

Tibetologi (fagelementkode HTIK03091E)

Japanstudier (fagelementkode HJAK03101E)

Indonesisk (fagelementkode HFKK00371E)

Indologi (fagelementkode HIDK03091E)

Kinastudier (fagelementkode HKIK03101E)

Thai (fagelementkode HFKK00328E) 

KA-studieordningen for Tværkulturelle studier, 2015

Kulturanalytisk emne 1 (fagelementkode HTÆK03241E)

Undervisningsmaterialet vil inkludere bøger, og forskningsartikler. Alle studerende skal desuden vælge et sæt historiske kilder af passende omfang som de ønsker at analysere.  

Reading material will include books and research articles. Each student should also choose a reasonably sized set of historical sources for analysis during class. 

Indskrevet på en humanistisk eller samfundsvidenskabelig kandidatuddannelse

Be admitted to a MA program in the humanities or social sciences
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Lectures and weekly colloquia
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