HIAB00837U Introduction to the formation of modern South Asia

Volume 2017/2018

Curriculum for the BA programme in Modern India and South Asian Studies, the 2015 Curriculum

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Modern India and South Asia Studies, the 2012 Curriculum


The course introduces the ancient and modern history of South Asia region, and the formation of the contemporary nation-states that characterize the subcontinent today. The history of the regional formations throughout Indian and South Asian is integrated with contemporary events to understand how the past and its interpretations underpin the present day identity making in the region.

Through class interaction and minor writing assignments, the course builds student competences in reading and understanding academic texts and in elementary academic essay writing

Learning Outcome

BA 2015-ordning:
Introduktion til det moderne Indien og Sydasien 1 (fagelementkode HIAB00811E )

BA Tilvalg 2012-ordning:
Introduktion til det moderne Indien og Sydasien (fagelementkode HIAB10011E)

The course readings will made available on the ‘semester shelf’ in the library. Some supplementary readings may be uploaded on Absalon. The recommended books will be available for purchase at Academic Books, KUA.


The lessons will be based on a mix of short lectures, film presentations, student presentations, and class/group discussions. With a mandatory curriculum of 700-800 pages the reading load is modest, and it is important that you read beforehand for every class in order to get the most out of the lectures and exercises. You are highly encouraged to form study groups in which to discuss the readings and give feedback on written assignments.
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  • Lectures
  • 42
  • Preparation
  • 164,25
  • Total
  • 206,25
7,5 ECTS
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