HARÅ10143U Syria from Ancient times till the turmoil of the contemporary Arab Uprisings: cross-cultural and socio-political perspectives

Volume 2017/2018

For alle med interesse i Syriens kultur og historie.

Udbydes efter BA tilvalgsordningen 2007 i arabisk.

Kurset kan også bruges som inspiration til BA projekt


This elective course (15ECTS) is designed for Open University (ÅU) BA students at ToRS and lasts 14 weeks (one semester). The course presents the fundamental knowledge and concepts relevant for the study of both Ancient times in Syria and its modern as well as contemporary history. Taken as its starting point the scholarly literature relevant to historical, political, economic, social, T.V and media, and cultural perspective the course will seek to understand the implication of the recent conflicts in the region on the survival of state structures in Syria in particular and on the emerging power structures in the Middle East in general.  A special feature of this course is the introduction of local (Arab-Islamic) approaches on the complex nature of the political and religious conflict in Syria, as well as the vivid intellectual debate among Arabic and western intellectuals on relevant issues. First and foremost the formation of the modern Syrian state as well as the exploration of the main factors that shaped the present Syrian state. 

The course is provided in English but students can formulate questions and present their written assignments in Danish. At the end of the course participants should be able to define and analyze relevant issues surrounding political and socio-cultural history of Syria. Also, the course will enable participants for examining key-sources or additional sources and to use the convenient methods for the study of selected issues.       

Learning Outcome

BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning: 
Særligt studeret emne  (fagelementkode HARB10141E) 

Collection of articles, books, research reports.

For alle med interesse i Syriens kultur og historie.
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