NSCPHD1131 The integrative role of sport - what can research contribute?

Volume 2016/2017

Each day entails experts’ presentations on different aspects of the integrative role of sport  as well as students' PhD project presentations. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity for individual supervision sessions with the experts. The course also includes a one day workshop on preparing a manuscript for publication and an “ask the editor” session. One afternoon will cover career guidance in academia.

Learning Outcome

The aim of the course is to provide PhD students with more in depth knowledge about research on how sport can promote integration. Furthermore, the students will get more practical experience on how to prepare manuscripts for publication and will learn about what editors are looking for in the manuscript submission process. Students will have the opportunity to network with international students and experts. The course provides a space to exchange ideas and knowledge about research methods related to the course topic. The course will enable communication, networking and cooperation among the students and the experts.

Material will be handed out before the course.

Lectures, student presentations, workshop and supervision.
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  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 40
  • Preparation
  • 60
  • Project work
  • 25
  • Total
  • 125
Type of assessment
Continuous assessment
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