NSCPHD1130 Simpel hydraulisk og hydrologisk modellering af regnafstrømning med ArcGIS

Årgang 2016/2017
Engelsk titel

Simple hydraulic and hydrologic runoff modelling using ArcGIS



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The topics covered include: Vector based suitability analysis, automation of the suitability analysis in ModelBuilder, Foreground vs. background processing, Sensitivity analysis, Introduction to raster based GIS analysis and modeling including distance and surface analysis, Cost surface modelling, Hydrologic modelling including flow direction, flow accumulation, sinks and their catchments, capacities and how to determine the downstream spillover from sink to sink during a rainstorm, Spillover model, addition of information on infiltration capacity, surface cover, local variations in rainfall and more to the spillover modelling, and Risk assessment, introduction to SWMM


The course consists of lectures, in-class exercises, excursion, individual work on own case, presentation of own study and contribution to discussions of others’ at seminars.
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