NSCPHD1113 Exercise in regulation of metabolism and cardiovascular function

Volume 2016/2017


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Lectures will be given by both international speakers/teachers as well as teachers from University of Copenhagen (Science and Health).

PhD students will be selected based on abstracts to give oral presentation.

Workshops where the PhD students interact will be held. This will include methodological aspects.

This will include teachers from University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Copenhagen as well as the international speakers.

Poster sessions will be held to challenge the PhD students to discuss research in general and specifically their own research projects.

Learning Outcome

The PhD students are expected to get a solid insight into:

  • Basic metabolic and cardiovascular regulation during exercise
  • The latest knowledge within cardiovascular and metabolic regulation during exercise and in response to exercise training. This will include regulation at the molecular and cellular level.
  • Methods and protocols used in cardiovascular and metabolic research.
  • Practice scientific presentations (oral and poster) and scientific discussions.
Lectures, students presentations, workshop and supervision.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 35
  • Preparation
  • 90
  • Project work
  • 1
  • Total
  • 126
Type of assessment
Continuous assessment
Marking scale
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