NSCPHD1111 Scientific approaches and practical implications in elite athletes

Volume 2016/2017


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The central theme of the ”Scientific approaches and practical implications in elite athletes” Ph.D. course is to gain in depth knowledge about current theories of how to apply scientific literature in an elite-setting. From a scientific perspective, focus will be on muscular adaptations, nutrition, oxygen uptake kinetics, ergogenic aids and metabolism. In addition, course participants get the unique opportunity to conduct a human experiment within our lab. From a practical perspective, focus will be on different types of athletes (power, endurance and team-sports) and training hereof. A special feature of the PhD course is the “Top Coaches Sessions”, where coaches at international elite level share their many years of experiences working with elite athletes.

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome from the PhD course is an in depth muscle physiological understanding and scientific and practical approach to training and nutritional optimization as well as testing of the elite athlete. Furthermore, an introduction into the milieu of the elite athlete and different types of athletes, presented by top coaches with vast experience working with the elite.

Lectures, student presentations, workshop and supervision.
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