TTEASK020U The Kierkegaard Seminar

Volume 2015/2016

Søren Kierkegaard is a multifaceted author who has continued to interest, provoke, and intrigue thinkers from a vast range of disciplines. Regarded as philosopher, theologian, and literary critic and theorist, Kierkegaard created a complex authorship that defies traditional categories and interpretations.  This seminar will provide a rare opportunity for students to look more deeply at some of the most influential themes in Kierkegaard’s authorship by focusing on one of his central works, Fear and Trembling, signed by pseudonym Johannes de silentio. The seminar will be led a group of qualified scholars with years of experience in the field of Kierkegaard studies. The seminars will take place at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, and, as a part of the seminar, participants will be made familiar with the Centre’s resources.









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Winther 2015/2016 Summer 2016