SASK14202E Projects outside the course scope Animal Science 15 ECTS

Volume 2015/2016

MSc in Animal Science - elective study


A elective study in a relevant academic area for Animal Science.

Learning Outcome

A student who has completed a project outside the course scope valued at has acquired:


Knowledge of:

  • The issue as well as relevant methods and theories.
  • How to deal with an issue within a defined academic framework, with emphasis on problem formulation, problem analysis and action plan.


The skills to:

  • Perform a problem analysis on the basis of a methodological/​theoretical framework and evaluate the importance of the method/theory chosen.
  • Present a clear, unambiguous problem formulation and communicate the consideration of same in a clear, straightforward manner.
  • Evaluate alternative methodological/​theoretical approaches to dealing with the problem formulation.
  • Search for information independently.


The ability to:

  • Reach an unambiguous conclusion in relation to the problem formulation and, more generally, in relation to the academic area.
  • Reflect critically and independently on the assignment field and its scientific and societal importance.
  • Discuss the scientific and societal importance of the issue.


Projects outside the course scope may be completed individually or by groups of up to 4 students.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Guidance
  • 5
  • Preparation
  • 407
  • Total
  • 412
Type of assessment
Written assignment, 1 block
Oral examination, 60 minutes
written assignment, oral defence lasting approx. 30-60 minutes, including a presentation lasting approx. 10-20 minutes.
Exam registration requirements

Written assignment must have been handed in.

All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
Criteria for exam assesment

On comlection the students schould have the competencies described in "Learning Ourcome"