NSCPHD1253 Research training course in Detector Technology for particle physics

Volume 2015/2016


PLEASE NOTE         

The PhD course database is under construction. If you want to sign up for this course, please click on the link in order to be re-directed. Link: https://phdcourses.ku.dk/nat.aspx


the course aims primarily  at experimental nuclear/particle or astro-particle physics PhD students, interested in learning about the state-of-the-art development in particle detection techniques. Students are brought together with internationally known and active researchers in the field, expert in detection techniques and involved in current research and development projects in future particle detectors for high energy particle physics.


Learning Outcome

After the course, the PhD students will have a much deeper and wider knowledge of the field of particle detection.


lectures and reading material povided by the teachers ahead of the course start


have a master degree
lectures + laboratory exercises + computing exercises
one can obtain credits only for the lectures/exercises part (2 ECTS)
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Exam
  • 80
  • Lectures
  • 40
  • Preparation
  • 10
  • Total
  • 130
Type of assessment
Written assignment, 80 hours under invigilation
take-home exam, problems to solve
Exam registration requirements

have attended the lectures and exercises

Marking scale
passed/not passed
Censorship form
External censorship
Exam period

slutning af 2015 / end of 2015

Criteria for exam assesment

active participation to lectures and exercises

result of the take home exam