NSCPHD1235 Holography: Entangled, Applied, and Generalized

Volume 2015/2016

Fysik, Matematik



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This PhD school will introduce students to forefront research in holography, entanglement entropy and their applications in the gauge/gravity (or holographic) correspondence.  This will include in particular recent developments in understand 3D quantum gravity, extending the holographic correspondence to non-AdS spacetimes (such as Lifshitz and Schroedinger, which are relevant for condensed matter applications), and the recent insights into entanglement entropy and its use in quantum gravity.

The aim is to teach the students the relevance of these developments in our understanding of quantum gravity and black holes on the one hand and a providing new insights into the dynamical behavior of strongly coupled field theories, relevant to e.g. the quark-gluon plasma, and condensed matter systems at quantum critical points. The lecture series will focus on a combination between introducing the students to the conceptual and technical background of these applications as well as examples of the instances in which these have been successfully applied in the quantum systems referred to above.

There will be at least three lecture series: (total of 2.5 ECTS points) 

  • Alejandra Castro (University of Amsterdam): 3D Quantum Gravity: A Survey on Non-Perturbative and Non-Local Effects 
  • Jelle Hartong  (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Newton-Cartan Geometry in Holography and Condensed Matter Theory 
  • Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto University & IPMU): Entanglement Entropy and Holography

These topics have recently seen exciting new developments and attracted a lot of attention worldwide. The courses will give the students a state-of-the-art introduction to these subjects en will enable them to follow and contribute to these rapid advances. A very brief summary of these three hot topics is given below.


For more information including an abstract of the lectures see the course home page: 


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- On each day there will be coffee before the morning lectures and after the afternoon lectures.

This will provide an extra opportunity for instructors and students to interact.

- A social dinner for all participants will be organized Thursday evening

These courses will be interesting for PhDs (and other young researchers) working in theoretical high energy physics, cosmology, mathematics and possibly also for theoretical condensed matter physicists at KU.



Solid knowledge of general relativity and quantum field theory
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