NSCPHD1199 1st Master Class of Copenhagen Microbiology Center (CMC)

Volume 2015/2016

PhD in Microbiology



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The PhD course database is under construction. If you want to sign up for this course, please click on the link in order to be re-directed. Link: https://phdcourses.ku.dk/nat.aspx


> awareness to criteria and standards of Research Quality in Microbiology is crucial to research education. We propose the topic for the full-day CMC Masterclass 2015, where the young attendants interact directly with a small group of both CMC seniors and invited, high-esteemed researchers in Microbiology.

Learning Outcome

> to alert our young Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows on the common criteria and standards of Research Quality in Microbiology.

All attendants will receive a set of Extended Abstracts (ca. 2 pages, pdf) in due time before the Master Class - covering the morning lectures (see below).

Attendants will be asked to prepare on specific questions such as:

  1. What is creativity in Science – are you creative?

  2. How to know what is new in Science – and what is new to yourself only?

  3. How to get the best ideas in Science – is there a methodology?

  4. What is most important in Science: develop methods, unravel of mechanisms, develop conceptual models, etc.?

  5. Is hypothesis-driven approach always of preference in Science?


Application for attendance:
The CMC Masterclass 2015 is offered to a limited group of approx. 25 Ph.D. students and post-doc fellows enrolled at the University of Copenhagen on basis of application (see below)
Location: University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus (lecture room to be announced)

8:00 Registration

8:45 am. Welcome and presentation (20 min, Jan Sørensen, UCPH).

9:00 am. Introduction to Research Quality (30 min, Peter Sandøe, UCPH).

9.40 am. Three short lectures on Research Quality in Microbiology (9.40 am: Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg, SCELSE, Singapore; 10.25 am: Prof. Leo Eberl, University of Vienna, Austria; 11.10 am: Prof. Michael Givskov, UCPH. The invited speakers are asked by their lectures (and extended abstracts) to offer their personal opinions on achievement of Research Quality in Microbiology as from their basic, environmental and medical research experience. Lectures will be 30 min, followed by 10 min discussion and 5 min breaks. (Convened by invited speakers and CMC Masterclass team).

11:50 am. Introduction to afternoon program (10 min, Thomas Bjarnsholt).

12:00 Lunch

1 pm. Group discussions on Research Quality in Microbiology. A total of five groups (Ph.D. students and/or post-docs, as from research background) discuss on basis of the morning lectures and preparations made from the extended abstracts and specific questions. Aim of discussion is to collect the group´s criteria for achievement of Research Quality in Microbiology. (Convened by invited speakers and CMC Masterclass team).

2:30 pm. Coffee break

3:00 pm. Group presentations on Research Quality in Microbiology. Each presentation will be approx. 10 min, followed by 10 min discussion, including short break. (Convened by invited speakers and CMC Masterclass team).

4:30 pm. General discussion and conclusions on Research Quality (Convened by invited speakers and CMC Masterclass team).

5:00 pm. Closure (Jan Sørensen)
To apply for attention, please submit your personal CV (max. 1 page) containing: 1. Applicant´s name, Ph.D. or Post-doc affiliation, and name of Department and main supervisor. 2. Short summary (approx. 10 lines) of your research experience and major achievements as from your current Ph.D. or Post-doc projects. 3. Publication list.

Applications must be submitted to CMC Secretary, Christine Kastrup, by e-mail (ckastrup@plen.ku.dk) before Tuesday 1 September at 12.00 am.

CMC Secretary, Christine Kastrup, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (ckastrup@plen.ku.dk; 35333511 or 23828010) for specific questions on the application procedure and Prof. Jan Sørensen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (jan@plen.ku.dk; phone 35332626) for general questions on the CMC Masterclass program.
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Preparation (16 hours) and attendance (9 hours) at the CMC Masterclass 2015.

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Preparation and active participation at the CMC Masterclass