NSCPHD1103 Project Management

Volume 2015/2016

PhD Education



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This course introduces you to basic concepts and tools to be used in project management. The knowledge and skills you will received are generic and transferable across organizations and different kind of projects.

Aiming at how to manage a project the course will take you through the different phases in a project:  1) defining, 2) planning, 3) executing and 4) closing. The focus in the course will be on the planning phase and you will be presented with tools useful in steering deliverables, cost, time, risk management and stakeholder management. The planning phase is crucial for steering the execution of a project but so is the ability to lead a project team.  Therefore the course will touch on how to lead a team and on team dynamics. The course provides a basic understanding of the different parts of project management in order to develop the skills of the PhD-students contributing to a future job. But the knowledge and skills the course provides are not only for future use. PhD-students can apply the project management tools to their own PhD-project. The course will be a mix of lectures, exercises and teamwork. There will be examples from how companies work with projects and the course will be conducted in corporation with professional project managers from private companies.

Learning Outcome

On completion of the course the participant is expected to have gained a practical foundation for planning, controlling and conducting projects.

This includes knowledge of:

- The concepts of projects, diffent phases and the project life cycle
- Team dynamics
- Project Leadership

And skills/experiences in:
- Defining a project
- Planning for milestones and deliverables
- Scheduling for costs, time and resources
- Risk and stakeholder management

Larson, E.W. & C.F. Gray: "Project Management. The Managerial Process". 6th ed. McGraw-Hill. International Edition
[It is important that you get hold of the International Edition!]

The activities in the course will be a mix of lectures, instructions, excersises and team work. The participants are expected to have read the course literature beforehand.
Two weeks after the last course day each course participant must hand in a reflection essay.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Exercises
  • 4
  • Lectures
  • 8
  • Preparation
  • 26
  • Project work
  • 22
  • Total
  • 60
2,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Assessment and approval of essay
Exam registration requirements

Participation during the entire course.

Marking scale
completed/not completed
Censorship form
No external censorship
Exam period

Friday 27th May handing in the essay.


Personal arrangement

Criteria for exam assesment

See Learning Outcome