NSCPHD1069 Agricultural transformation and rural innovations field course

Volume 2015/2016

The course is a mandatory part of the AGTRAIN PhD program.
The course consists of three components:
1) Method and context introduction via e-modules and e-consultations in student groups over two weeks
2) 2½ field work module in developing country
3) Presentation of research findings a final debriefing and optional summarising of results in research paper or conference presentation.

The course addresses Agricultural transformation and sustainable intensification in developing countries. The course has the following objectives:

  • To train participants in field data collection related to agricultural development in third world countries
  • To expose participants to neighbouring scientific disciplines, their conceptual framework, methodological approach and analysis.
  • To enable participants to see their scientific discipline in the wider framework of rural development and agricultural intensification
  • To expose participants to complex scenarios and multi-stakeholder perspectives and constraints for agricultural development.
  • To create professional networks between participants


Agtrain registered PhD student
e-learning and e-konsultations
Group work in field location
Supervision, guidance and method demonstration in practice
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Course Preparation
  • 20
  • E-Learning
  • 20
  • Field Work
  • 165
  • Project work
  • 45
  • Total
  • 250
Type of assessment
Continuous assessment
Student pass the course based on active participation in all modules and presentation of project at end-conference