NSCPHD1066 Advanced Presentation Techniques

Volume 2015/2016


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The objective of this 2-day workshop is to expand your comfort zone when talking to a variety of audiences and to create value for them. For this purpose, you will receive personal guidance and coaching on your performance, incl. slides (e.g. PowerPoint and Prezi), language, content and overall effectiveness.

You are invited to give two short presentations. This may be a “standard scientific presentation”, or it may be a poster or a slide you wish to present and discuss. The second presentation will be given on the second day - here you will demonstrate how your skills have improved. You will receive a recording of your presentations and feedback for you to study in private.

There is a week’s gap between the two days. This gives participants an opportunity to think about and practise skills learned on the first day. In addition, it paves the way for preparing second presentation.

The workshop is open for PhD students and other researchers who have previously attended presentation courses. You are expected to prepare an oral presentation (conference presentation, lecture or meeting presentation) prior to the course.

Participants’ own presentations constitute the foundation of this course: brief instructor input on key principles and tools will interact with participants’ own presentations. These will be subject to constructive feedback from fellow participants and instructor. Participants’ presentations and feedback will be recorded individually for their own analysis. Demonstrable learning outcome will emerge through a “before-and-after” effect seen in participants’ second presentation.

Focal points are: clarity of message; dealing with audience dialogue; improvisation techniques; visuals, incl. PowerPoint; peer feedback; psychological aspects; use of voice
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