NSCPHD1064 Applied research communication and dissemination for Agricultural Development

Volume 2015/2016


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The objective of the course is to train researchers in communicating their research to selected audiences. Specifically for applied agricultural research in a devlopment context, understanding the audience is key for effective communication. The course offers training in packaging your research to achieve maximum impact and attention.
Very often, researchers are exclusively focused on their research content and results, and fail to understand the context of the audience, as well as the limitations or possibilities of the communication format or type. Through exercises and feedback, the participants will be given the chance to prepare a selected piece of their research for a variety of audiences.

The course offers a preparation phase, where the selected research is identified and prepared for the course. During three days of practical training, the research is presented in a selection of formats. Participants choose 3 out of a variety of options (scientific poster; radio interview, short video, policy brief, technical brief, farmers leaflet ect), and prepare the same story in three formats with feedback and guidance from the instructors.

Learning Outcome

The aim of the course is to enable particpants to appreciate the difference in presentation complexity, style and format, according to the dissemination platform and audience.

Participants must have a finalised piece of research ready for dissemination. The course focus is on applied agricultural research with a developing country perspective.
Lectures, individual assignments, Group and plenary feedback, exercises.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 8
  • Guidance
  • 4
  • Lectures
  • 8
  • Practical exercises
  • 18
  • Preparation
  • 20
  • Total
  • 58
Type of assessment
Particpants are required to finalise three pieces of research communication during the course.