NSCPHD1063 Introduction Course for New PhD Students (generic course)

Volume 2015/2016

PhD education.



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This course will give you an introduction to what you can expect as a PhD student. You will get an overview of the study, the skills and competences necessary to become a mature and independent researcher and advice on to how to balance the challenges of your career with the rest of your life.

The course focuses on:

Career planning – your Personal. Development Plan and Learning Needs.
Oral presentation techniques.
Scientific writing.
Intellectual property rights and patents.
Project planning and management.
Philosophy of science and good scientific practice.
Collaboration with your supervisors.

You will prepare for the course through reading and a writing excercise. You will work on your own Personal Development Plan during and after the course. The Personal Development Plan includes an ethical essay on a research related topic of your own choice. As part of the assignment you will discuss your development plan with your supervisor, so please make an appointment to meet with her/him 1-2 weeks after the course for this purpose.

Learning Outcome

The aim of the course is to offer PhD students tools to manage their project, their research education and their work/life balance. This includes confidence building in order to consider oneself as the center of the PhD as well as technical skills as scientific writing, representation techniques, knowledge about how to create networks, develop skills to manage the supervisor relationship and making a Personal Development Plan to use throughout the PhD education.

This course will also give you the required – and compulsory – skills within good research practise. It is therefore not necessary for you to participate in the mandatory course Responsible Conduct of Research when you have passed this course.

Material will be forwarded by email. Handouts will be distributed during the course.

Admission to a PhD program.
Before the course we will provide you with material to read and a small individual writing excercise. During the intensive week we alternate between lectures, discussions and exercises. After the course you finalise your Personal Development Plan (PDP), which includes an essay on e ethical topic of your own choise. The PDP and supervision are subjects of discussion with your supervisor. You do not need to discuss the ethical essay with your supervisor. After submitting the PDP you will get feedback on your work at a feedback session.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 10
  • Preparation
  • 10
  • Project work
  • 25
  • Theory exercises
  • 30
  • Total
  • 75
Type of assessment
Continuous assessment
Written assignment
Active participation and assessment of assignments (personal development plan and ethics assignment).
All aids allowed
Marking scale
passed/not passed
Censorship form
No external censorship
Exam period

The Personal Development Plan incl. ethical essay needs to be handed-in 4 weeks after the internship.


Personal arrangement.