NSCPHD1003 Advanced techniques to analyze genome integrity

Volume 2015/2016


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Practical laboratory exercises in:

Microscopic analysis of sister chromatic exchange (SCE)

DNA combing and fibre analysis of DNA replication stress

Fluctuation analysis of recombination rates

Live cell fluorescence microscopy of DNA damage response

Lectures by:

Christian Holmberg, University of Copenhagen: Human genetic instability syndromes

Vibe Østergaard, University of Copenhagen: Cellular processing of common fragile sites and related structures

Hocine Mankouri, University of Copenhagen: Using two-dimensional DNA gel electrophoresis to analyse DNA recombination, repair and replication; and analysis of site-specific DNA replication perturbation in yeast

Michael Lisby, University of Copenhagen: Genetic mapping of DNA repair pathways

Dr. Edgar Hartsuiker, Bangor University, UK: DNA repair and cancer treatment

Dr. Benoit Arcangioli, Pasteur Institute, Paris: Senescence and genome stability

Olaf Nielsen: Genome integrity and regulation of dNTP levels

Claus Storgaard Sørensen: Future perspectives and frontiers

Lectures and practical laboratory exercises
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