NSCPHD1000 Supervision of BSc and MSc students

Volume 2015/2016

The focus of the course is on the supervision of BSc and MSc students who are doing their bachelor’s project or Master’s thesis or who are doing other kinds of projects under supervision.



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The main themes of the first day will be:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor?
  • How is feedback provided in a way that facilitates the learning process?
  • Coping with difficult situations, challenges, and dilemmas in supervision – case work based on input from the participants.


Between the two course days, students are to do a small assignment related to two themes:

  1. Formal rules and requirements
  2. Students’ interests and experiences

The main themes of the second day will be:

  • Discussing the results of the assignments carried out by the participants
  • Alignment of expectations
  • Early warning signs and how to deal with them
  • Themes decided based on the suggestions and interests amongst the participants.
Learning Outcome

The course aims at the following learning outcomes for supervisors:

  • The participants are able to acquire knowledge about the students’ experiences and interests through dialogue and small exercises, and the participants are aware of the importance of gaining this insight.
  • The participants are able to provide feedback to the students’ written or oral presentations in a way that facilitate the students’ learning process.
  • The participants are able to reflect on the importance of balancing the control exercised by the supervisor and the students’ own control of the process and the project, and techniques to adjust and evaluate this balance


These aims will be addressed through discussions, exercises and short presentations, and will be related to the participants’ own practice, experience, and concerns. The course is dependent on the contributions and engagement of the participants.

This course is targeted at PhD Students and other university teachers supervising students at MSc and BSc level.
Before the first course day the participants are required to respond to a short online survey about supervision experiences.
During course days the learning and teaching will alternate between short presentations, exercises and group discussions.
Between course days participants are to carry out small investigations.
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  • Class Exercises
  • 10
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  • Total
  • 28
Type of assessment
Course participation under invigilation