JJUA55011U Space Law - Cancelled in the spring semester 2016

Årgang 2015/2016
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Space Law


Space Law covers a wide breadth of issues and the following subject areas will be addressed in the readings and in class discussions:

  • What is the legal definition of Space?
  • Why do we need a legal regime for Space?
  • UNCOPUOS (United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
  • Space Law and Air Law compared
  • The five principal international Space Treaties:
  • (a) The Outer Space Treaty 1967
  • (b) The Rescue Agreement 1968
  • (c) The Liability Convention 1972
  • (d) The Registration Convention 1975
  • (e) The Moon Agreement 1979
  • 3. The four main United Nations General Assembly Principles:
  • (a) Direct Broadcasting Principles 1982
  • (b) Remote Sensing Principles 1986
  • (c) Nuclear Power Principles 1992
  • (d) The Developing Country Principles 1996
  • Intergovernmental Organisations – INTELSAT, INMARSAT, ITU, ESA
  • Telecommunications and the Geostationery Orbit
  • National Space Legislation
  • The Environment of Space and the Problem of Space Debris
  • The International Space Station and Space Tourism
  • The Commercialisation and Privatisation of Space
  • Financing and Insurance Aspects of Space Activities
  • Exploitation of Space Resources
  • The Needs of Developing Countries
  • Military Uses of Space
  • Resolution of Disputes in Relation to Activities in Space
  • Future Legal Regulation of Space Activities – what needs to be done?

To understand the historical evolution of the existing legal regime

  • to introduce and examine the details of the five international Treaties and the various United Nations Principles which regulate certain activities in space
  • to understand the domestic legal frameworks regarding space activities
  • to discuss the problems and ambiguities within the existing legal regime
  • to determine and analyse the legal issues raised by new uses of space for which the existing legal regime is ill-suited and how they should be addressed.

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Preliminary dates: june 6-10, 2016