HTÆK00011U  Politics and Public Space in Modern Asian Cities (Specialized Urban Topic)

Volume 2015/2016

MA Elective in Global Urban Studies (Kandidattilvalget i Globale Bystudier, 2015-ordningen)

KA 2009-studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Tværkulturelle studier

KA tilvalg 2008-studieordning for Kandidattilvalg i Komparative Kulturstudier


How are cities shaped by people and how do cities shape people? What does public space mean to citizens and power-holders? This intensive seminar-based course provides the student with an insight into theories of public space and examples of how to apply the theories of urban studies to cases from across Asia. Among its themes, the course explores how modernism, colonialism, nationalism, socialism, traditionalism, neoliberalism and other major currents of modern world history have played into the construction, negotiation and contestation of public space in large cities. In seminars, focus is given to cases from Istanbul, Tehran, Tashkent and Mumbai, as well as from other cities. Students are expected to choose a city or particular urban phenomenon for focused, individual study.

Learning Outcome

MA Elective in Global Urban Studies (Kandidattilvalget i Globale Bystudier, 2015-ordningen)

Specialized Urban Topic (Specialiseret urbant emne) (Fagelementkode HTÆK03371E)

Kandidatuddannelsen i Tværkulturelle Studier, 2009-ordningen

Regional Specialisering 1 (Fagelementkode HTÆK03021E)

Regional Specialisering 2 (Fagelementkode HTÆK03041E)

Komparative Kulturstudier, 2008-ordningen

Tematisk emnespecialisering A (Faggelementkode HKKK03291E)


A reading plan will be announced on Absalon.

Good English skills required. Note that this is a seminar-based course and it is expected that the student will actively pursue an individual study plan.
Lectures and seminars with active participation of students, followed by individual study plan leading up to exam.
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  • 141,25
  • Lectures
  • 8
  • Exam
  • 50
  • Colloquia
  • 6
  • Guidance
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  • Total
  • 206,25