HREB00011U Religion in Denmark

Volume 2015/2016

Curriculum for the BA programme with main subject in Religious subjects, 2010

Curriculum for the elective studies in Religious studies, 2007


Religion in Denmark is a course in English for international students and deals with religion in its various forms in Danish society (and Scandinavia) past and present, and from a variety of angels.
The course will explore numerous aspects of religion in Denmark and will look at how they may be studied and understood. The topics include religion and society in the Viking Age, the Reformation in Denmark, Danish Christian thinkers, Church and state in Denmark, the status of minority religions in Denmark (Jews, Muslims, Christian minority groups, and Baha’i’s), and religious environments in Denmark today.
The course introduces students to both the place of religions in Danish society and the academic study of religion. Students will learn how to discuss and analyse religion in societies in a way that is well-informed, rigorously critical, and responsibly engaged. The course investigates the ways human societies construct practices, seek meanings, and pose questions about their life worlds. These investigations may be informed by anthropological, sociological, cultural, and/or historical perspectives.

Learning Outcome

BA 2010-studieordning:
Valgfrit område (fagelementkode HREB00311E)

BA-tilvalg 2007-studieordning:
Religionsanalytisk område A (fagelementkode HREB10091E)
Religionsanalytisk område B (fagelementkode HREB10101E)

Course literature will be announced later.

The course is offered to exchange-, guest students and ordinary students at the University of Copenhagen.
Lectures, written assignments and excursions
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