HNAK03241U Bronze Age to Persian Periods in the Near East

Volume 2015/2016
Curriculum for the Master’s Programmes in Ancient and Medieval Near Eastern Studies, 2008

The student undertakes his/her own research on a topic of his/her own choosing with the approval of, and under the supervision of, an appointed teacher. The topic must deal with the archaeology of North Africa, Egypt and Western Asia in Medieval times, utilising both published works (e.g. books, articles, and the web) and, in general terms, the candidate’s own archaeological experience previously undertaken in the field. The topic is presented in class in an oral form and subsequently submitted as a written paper for grading. 

Learning Outcome

KA 2008-studieordning:
Bronze Age to Persian Periods in the Near East (fagelementkode HNAK03241E)

The Theory and Method exam must have been passed. The candidates must have completed a minimum of 8 weeks practical archaeological experience in the general field of Near Eastern Archaeology, of which 6 weeks should be excavation experience.
It is expected that the students can read literature in English, German and French
Discussion, Presentation, Tutored sessions
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Exam
  • 180
  • Guidance
  • 20
  • Lectures
  • 6
  • Preparation
  • 206,5
  • Total
  • 412,5
Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment