HKOB00012U Pop Culture in North and South Korea, Hallyu and East Asian Cultural flows

Volume 2015/2016
Curriculum for the BA programme in Asian Studies with specialisations in
Indology, Japanese Studies, China Studies, Korean Studies, Southeast Asian Studies and Tibetology og

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Korean studies The 2007 Curriculum

This course critically examines the recent increasing popularity of Korean pop culture in East Asia and beyond. The focus is on South Korean popular music, gaming culture and TV dramas. However, we will also be considering North and South Korean comics and cinema. The course also situates the recent Hallyu (Korean Wave) phenomenon within the history of cultural flows in East Asia and we examine the processes that have contributed to the increased consumption of Korean cultural product inside and outside the Korean peninsula. One primary focus will be the state centered promotion policies that are tied up with notions of cultural nationalism. The lessons will be based on the home reading of relevant academic materials and classroom discussions, presentations, mini-lectures and screenings. The classes will be held in English and this course is suitable for students taking the class as an elective

Learning Outcome

BA 2010-ordning:
Korean Content Course 1 (HKOB00671E)
Korean Content Course 2 (HKOB00731E)
Korean Content Course 3 (HKOB00761E)

BA 2007-Elective:
Korean Content Course A (HKOB10041E)
Korean Content Course B (HKOB10071E)

Suggested pre-course reading: Youna Kim, The Korean Wave: Korean Media Go Global, Routledge: 2013 OR Kyung Hyun Kim & Youngmin Choe, The Korean Popular Culture Reader, Duke University Press: 2014.

Students must have passed the course: Introduction to Korean History and Cultural History before 1945

For non-Korean Studies students, there are NO pre-course formal requirements.
Team teaching, group work and guidance
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