HFMK03022U  FM, Module 2: Culture, genrer and aesthetics: Communication 2.0 - cross media challenges

Volume 2015/2016

Master in Film and Media Studies


Recent years have seen a great diversification in mediated communication as highlighted not least by the vast spread of the Internet and mobile media. With new media come new communication practices, what this course will call communication 2.0, which, in turn, have consequences for individual media users as well as for established media producers and societal institutions. One concept that has been offered as a way of approaching the changes to practices of communication in the contemporary mediascape has been that of cross media communication. Cross media communication poses challenges to the way in which communication is structured enabling complex communicational flows and uses.  Based on recent research, this course offers 1) methods and tools for studying communication across media, platforms and/or contexts; 2) theoretical frameworks for understanding the complex production and use practices in the contemporary mediascape; 3) critical perspectives on the concept of ‘user’ in cross-media communication, for instance in relation to concepts of ‘consumer’, ‘audience’, ‘prosumer’, and ‘producer’.

Learning Outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies 2013-curriculum:
Module 2: Culture, genres and aesthetics: HFMK03021E 
Module 7: Optionel subject 1: HFMK03131E
Module 7: Optionel subject 2: HFMK03141E
Module 7: Optional subject 3: HFMK03151E
Module 7: Optional subject 4: HFMK03161E

Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Film Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 6: Optionel subject 1: HFVA04171E
Module 6: Optionel subject 1: HFVA04181E
Module 6: Optionel subject 2: HFVA04191E
Module 6: Optionel subject 2: HFVA04201E

Curriculum for Master's Programme in Media Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 3: Media, aesthetics and genres: HMEK03131E

Type of assessment
The Exam will be conducted in English
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  • 42
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  • 367,5
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  • 409,5