HØEK03351U Culture, History and Memory in Central Europe

Volume 2015/2016

The elective MA programme in Central European Studies (2015 Curriculum).


The fall of communism in 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe presented Poland, Czechoslovakia (since 1993 The Czech Republic and Slovakia), and Hungary with a need to come to terms with their recent pasts and develop new, credible and attractive national narratives legitimizing and supporting the nascent democratic order. Addressing the communist legacy was the most vital concern, but questions of how to understand and commemorate earlier periods in national history, including the Second World War, soon proved equally urgent and divisive. The course will study policies of memory and forgetting as these have taken shape in legislation and institution building (museums, research institutes, etc.), public holidays and monuments, renaming, and general political and public debate. We will address questions of national complicity in the Holocaust and the repression of minorities, debates about the nature of the communist regime, policies of retribution and transitional justice, the endurance of national(ist) myths and stereotypes in the four countries in a comparative perspective.

Learning Outcome


Culture, History, and Memory (fagelementkode HØEK03351E)


BA i Øst- og Sydøsteuropastudier 2010 (Polsk):

Fordybelsesemne (HPLB01091E)

Valgfrit emne (HPLB01101E)

BA-projekt (HPLB01111E)


BA-tilvalg i Østeuropastudier 2007:

Valgfrit emne (HØEB10031E)

Emne II: Et østeuropæisk lands kultur og mentalitet (HØEB10021E)


KA i østeuropastudier (russisk), 2008:

Særligt studeret emne I (HØEK03211E)

Særligt studeret emne II (HØEK03231E)

Emne B: Fri fagdisciplin (HØEK03241E)

Valgfag (HØEK03261E)

Speciale (HØEK03301E)


KA i Tværkulturelle studier

Regional specialisering (HTÆK03021E)

Regional specialisering med sprog (HTÆK03041E)

Aktuel tematisk problemstilling (HTÆK03051E).

The course syllabus will be announced in Absalon in January 2016

The course is taught in English, and all readings will be in English
Lectures, including guest lectures with speakers from the region; discussions and student presentations
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