ASTK15639U SEMINAR: From Theory to Methods Workshop:International Relations, Diplomacy and Conflict Studie

Volume 2015/2016

The workshop is an intensive two-week session where students will further devel-op their knowledge and skills in international diplomacy and conflict analysis by applying them to a number of specific cases. The workshop moves students from abstract theories to operationalization and concrete empirical analysis. It provides the students with practical and theoretical tools, methods and concepts relevant for analyzing and addressing international conflicts. The workshop will demon-strate the complementary use of various research methods. The workshop will in-clude a mediation simulation that gives the students a hands-on experience with and understanding of practices of addressing and diplomatically handling interna-tional conflicts. Students will be expected to build further on and apply their knowledge from at least one of the electives in the specialization.

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It is recommended that you follow the course "Approaches to International Conflicts: International Relations, Diplomacy and Conflict Studies"
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