ASTK15351U  COURSE: Critical IR and Security Studies: The postcolonial challenge

Volume 2015/2016

Elective in the Specialisation "International Relations, Diplomacy and Conflict Studies"

Bachelorlevel: 10 ECTS
Masterlevel: 7,5 ECTS


Critical IR and Security Studies: the postcolonial challenge

Critical theories have made important headway into the study of IR in the past three decades, identifying the limitations of the more traditional approaches.   However, notwithstanding manifold contributions of critical theorizing IR and security, some of these limitations have remained. This course is designed to take stock of the achievements of Critical IR and Security Studies in light of the postcolonial challenge. More specifically, the course will introduce the postcolonial contributions to the study of global politics, more specifically, IR and Security Studies.


7,5 ECTS
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Written assignment
Written assignment
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7-point grading scale
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  • Grade 12 is given for an outstanding performance: the student lives up to the course's goal description in an independent and convincing manner with no or few and minor shortcomings
  • Grade 7 is given for a good performance: the student is confidently able to live up to the goal description, albeit with several shortcomings
  • Grade 02 is given for an adequate performance: the minimum acceptable performance in which the student is only able to live up to the goal description in an insecure and incomplete manner
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