APSB05142U Elective course - The Eye of an Eagle

Volume 2015/2016

The Eye of an Eagle   

Reading is a complex skill which depends on the fluent interaction of many layers of cognitive and motor skills. It is a skill which has to be acquired through extensive training and exposure to sounds, letters and words. One element of reading is to be able to scan lines of text at an appropriate speed allowing for the delays in perceptual and attentional processing speed.

This elective investigates the relationship between eye movements, attention and reading ability in children learning to read. How do the cognitive components influence the acquisition of reading skills and how does the acquisition of reading skills influence attention and eye movements.

These questions will be investigated through literature search and the study of fresh data from a currently ongoing research project into the role of vision and attention in the acquisition of reading skills in young children age 5-7.

Learning Outcome

The goal of elective courses is an expansion or an additional perspective upon the psychological field. This is achieved through theoretical or empirical engagement in themes within or related to the psychological science. Elective courses can be taken in the Department of Psychology or in other departments.

Syllabus spring 2016

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  • 30
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Written assignment
75 % Attendance and a final written report must be handed in by each student in the week before the final session in the digital exams system. The last session has been reserved for individual presentations and feedback on the final reports.
The reports will be judged and graded individually. Up to three students may work collabo-ratively
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