SMIMIL02IE Independent Elective Study

Volume 2014/2015
Elective for MIND and MPRA students

The objective is to give the student an opportunity to organize and carry out an independent study motivated by academic as well as personal interests, under the guidance of a faculty member from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The study may be carried out in Denmark or abroad.

An independent research or review project of varying duration (2.5 or 5 ECTS credits). The responsible supervisor and the student select a specific topic together and agree on the objective, scope and size of the project. The student provides a written account (two to three pages) of the objective, scope, size and content of the project, as well as a supplementary description of specific academic objectives. The supervisor must approve this project description before the student starts working on the project. The student must work independently guided by the supervisor. The project may be:

  • based on experimental work in a laboratory or elsewhere
  • an academic review
  • based on calculations/modulations/simulations

Students may have to sign a special agreement English version/ Danish version (see appendix to the course description English version/ Danish version) if the student is carrying out the project in connection with a research project at PharmaSchool or if the student is collaborating with an external institution or company.


Learning Outcome

On completion of the project, the student has increased:

  • his or her academic insight and knowledge
  • his or her ability to independently organize and carry out larger projects

Recommended litterature

The independent elective study is only available to part-time master’s students enrolled at PharmaSchool.

Students are not recommended to undertake an independent elective study until they have passed compulsory study units equivalent to at least 20 ECTS credits.

The independent elective study must be part of the study schedule for the elective part of the master’s programme that the student has agreed on with his or her master’s project supervisor.
Individually supervised project work.

The student is entitled to study guidance during the project amounting to a maximum of 4 hours per 2.5 ECTS credits.
The Independent Elective Study student can be either 2.5 ECTS credits (equals approx. 70 student working hours) or 5 ECTS credit points (equals approx. 140 student working hours).
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Project work
  • 70
  • Total
  • 70
2,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Other, 0
Written report, poster, paper, oral examination or similar
Exam registration requirements
No requirements
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
Course Teacher(s) without external examiner
Criteria for exam assesment

Grade 12
is given for an excellent performance that fully meets the expectations of the purpose of the project with no or only a few minor weaknesses.

Grade 7
is given for a good performance that meets the expectations of the purpose of the project with some weaknesses.

Grade 02
is given for an acceptable performance that meets only the minimum expectations regarding the purpose of the project.