HSPK03861U Latin America: Place, space and identity in Latin America - CANCELED

Volume 2014/2015

Since this course is canceled, students may sign up for Jan Gustafssons course "HSPA03773U  Spanish - Free topic 3: Imaginarios cubanos – literatura, cultura y sociedad en la Cuba revolucionaria" as a Latin America profil-course.



What is the role that “space” and “place” play in the construction and negotiation of identity?  Conversely, how are they transformed through practices of identity representation by groups and individuals?  In other words, how do individuals and groups transform spaces and places in ways that represent their identity?  How do they maintain their identity in more than one place or space (e.g., in transnational communities, in rural vs urban spaces, etc.)?  How do they “do” (i.e., perform) identity through discourse? In this course we will examine the interrelationship between space, place and identity, both as interwoven and intersecting theoretical constructs as well as explanations for Latin American identity constructions in today’s world.

The reading list, to be announced at a later date, will include theoretical texts on the core concepts of the course (place, space, identity), as well as on discourse analysis.  Readings on identity constructions within various countries of Latin America, as well as in Latin American transnational communities will be included.

Language: English. Assigned readings will be in English. Students with reading skills in Spanish and/or Portuguese will be encouraged to include readings in those languages.
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