HENA0392HU English - Free topic 17: History, Society, and Culture Core Course (Exam form C)

Volume 2014/2015

This course is intended to assist students in preparing to write their MA thesis in any subject connected to history, society and culture. We explore three particular areas: methodology, practical scholarship, and particular areas of interest for the students in the group.


The first strand of the course concerns methods: by surveying some recent work we consider the key thinkers and concepts in recent humanities scholarship. Through response papers and presentations, students will gain new insights into how humanities scholars think and work today, and how these approaches can be used to write a thesis. The objective is much more than an understanding of theory though. The second strand of the course is concerned with developing the practical skills necessary to produce an outstanding thesis: identification of a subject area and a key question, organizational structure of a thesis, research resources, and writing skills. A third strand of the course is intended to give you a head start in writing your own MA thesis: to develop possible themes for your individual MA research topic, to workshop and research in your area of interest, and to further develop the practical skills and interests that you have already gained.

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