HENA0392GU English - Free topic 16: Turning Up the Power (Exam form A)

Volume 2014/2015

Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Lebanon, Grenada, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq again, and Syria. This course explores American foreign policy decision making since the Kennedy years. It examines theories of foreign policy decision making, where the roles of presidents, administrations, rationality and intentionality are interrogated critically as decisions are forged. Then, through studies of foreign policy, the seminars will focus thematically on aspects of U.S. relations since the sixties; this is the period which arguably provides the perspective in which American foreign policy decision making is made today. Bringing the course fully into the present, seminars will also focus on current foreign policy decision dilemmas facing the Obama administration.


Classes will mix theory and method with specific instances from policy. Students must be prepared to research and present seminar papers on agreed topics.

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