HENA0392FU English - Free topic 15: Tangled Titans: Issues in US-China-EU Relations (Exam form A)

Volume 2014/2015

This course looks into the developments, power relationships, difficulties and opportunities in the emerging global order. In the second decade of the 21st Century, there is a paradigm shift in world politics coming out of the ending of the Cold War and the brief uni-polar moment of American superpower dominance. The expanding importance of the European Union and the rise of China to Great Power status have created a diplomatic triangle that dominates world military, economic, political and soft power. The US-China-EU actors are determined to maintain their particular interests and raise their own position in the balance of power structure while preserving the international order that maintains their influence over other actors in the global society of states.  Cooperation and competition coexist as a rising superpower, China, hopes to replace the dominant superpower, USA. The EU is not only a mediator mostly siding with the Americans and the neo-liberal model instead of the Beijing Consensus, but also is a competitor in its own right. Clearly, the three powerful actors are Tangled Titans. This is a seminar discussion course based on student participation, readings, and weekly “current events” work. There are no formal lectures.

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