HENA03928U English - Free topic 8: The Postcolonial Enlightenment (Exam form C)

Volume 2014/2015

The century in which Britain defined itself as a nation and in which the Enlightenment emerged as an intellectual movement was the same one in which Britons engaged widely with the world through exploration, travel, imperialism, trade, and colonial expansion.  We’ll look in this course at a range of eighteenth-century narratives that document and contribute to this moment of transcultural encounter; that allow people to encounter and engage with cultural difference, but also to imagine themselves as English and Enlightened under conditions where doing so involves a complicated representational feat.  Texts read will include Mansfield Park, Robinson Crusoe, Equiano’s Interesting Narrative, Lady Mary Montagu’s Turkish Embassy Letters, Boswell’s Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides, Wollstonecraft’s Scandinavian Letters, an “it-narrative” called “Adventures of an Air Balloon,” extracts from Captain James Cook’s journals, and a range of theoretical texts.

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