NIGK13020U  Project Course

Volume 2013/2014
MSc Programme in Geology-Geoscience
MSc Programme in Geography and Geoinformatics

The course provides an opportunity for the student to write a literature review or become familiar with techniques and/or equipment in relation to initiating a MSc thesis study.

Learning Outcome

Subjects within the main research group themes: Basin Studies, Geophysics, Geochemical, mineralogical and petrological Earth processes, Water Resources, Transformation of cities and landscapes, Environment and Society in Developing Countries, Dynamic Geomorphology and Quarternary Geology, Terrestric Ecosystem Analysis

  • read scientific literature related to the subject.
  • critically evaluate methods and collections of data and to design smaller research projects.
  • use correct scientific definitions and terms.
  • analyse and discuss data-sets.
  • give a short, concise and well-illustrated oral presentation on the basis of scientific papers.
  • write a short, concise report aimed at colleagues within the business world, public institutions or research institutions.


Organize and carry out larger-scale and to be able to analyze, evaluate, document and communicate the results of a scientific study.

BSc in Geography or Geology or equivalent
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Oral examination, 20 minutes
The written assignment is prepared during the course and must be handed in prior to the exam week.
Without aids
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
Several internal examiners
Criteria for exam assesment
See learning outcome
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Guidance
  • 35
  • Project work
  • 171
  • Total
  • 206