NIGK13009U Holistic Design - Integrated Design of Technical Products, Natural Science and Business

Årgang 2013/2014
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Holistic Design - Integrated Design of Technical Products, Natural Science and Business


The objective of the course is that you within a project team carry out a project, where you independently contribute to the execution of a design project in the form of a holistic design task, possibly within an organization or a company. The course is based on an understanding (achieved in previous D&I courses) of the synthesis process, of socio-technical relations and an insight into the domain technology for the project in question. The course aims at giving you the following competences:
* formulate a purpose for the development.
* synthesise ideas and concepts.
* articulate goals, define tasks and coordinate tasks.
* balance off viewpoint and create an harmonic unity.
* create concrete clarifications and systemize.
* understand the practical, complex execution of design processes and the students own role within these processes.
* deliver and communicate a thorough design solution.
* argue for the application of the design solution within context.
* explain the business related aspects.
* give a reflected criticism of others design work and results.
* collaborate with other stakeholders in design and define own role in the work.

The course is called holistic since more aspects are taken into consideration than in previous project courses in the design & innovation program. The project can be carried out in collaboration with a company, it will go more in depth with project planning and control and go into specialized areas like detail design, business opportunities and economy.


The goal is to improve student skills in cross disciplinary development work, getting insights into other working cultures and value sets preparing you for future working life.

Project work - in groups consisting of students from all 3 universities supplemented by lectures and excursions. Students work together in teams on specific design
projects often in collaboration with industry.
Kurset udbydes samtidigt at DTU og CBS og KU/SCIENCE.
Studerende fra hvert universitet tilmelder sig på hver sit kursus - men undervises sammen.
Det er en del af projektet CIEL Green Innovation in Cities EEP og koordineres fra CBS. Dette kursus koordineres af DTU (Torben Lenau,, og Thomas Howard,
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