NGEK10027U  Project Management and Planning

Volume 2013/2014
MSc Programme in Geography and Geoinformatic
MSc Programme in Geology and Geosciences

The course aims to provide insight into and understanding of project work and project management. It introduces different project participant roles and project management tools. It aims to give participants the ability to handle project management as employees in both private, public and civil sector organisations. The course addresses the topics of particular concepts and theory of project management and organization, planning, project stakeholder analysis- and management, decision making as well as evaluation and follow-up on projects. Finally the course gives an introduction to how ICT based tools can be used in management and communication.

Learning Outcome


Definitions of projects, history of projects, types of projects, projects in organizational sociology, stakeholder theory analysis and management, motivation of project members, conflict spotting and management


Perform stakeholder analysis

Develop stakeholder management plans

Perform analysis of risks

Develop risk handling plans

Develop simple project budgets

Develop plan of milestones and deliverables, GANNT charting


To be able to analyse, asses and apply methods, tools, theory and data in project management

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BSc in geography and geoinformatics or equivalent
The form of teaching and work will be class teaching with active participation of students by means of student presentations and group-work.
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Oral examination
Written assignment, 20 minutes
The written assignment is prepared during the course and must be handed in prior to the exam week. The oral exam uses the written assignment as its point of departure. It includes the titles listed in the officially approved reading list.
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
No external censorship
Several internal examiners
Criteria for exam assesment
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  • Category
  • Hours
  • Theory exercises
  • 35
  • Project work
  • 35
  • Preparation
  • 136
  • Total
  • 206