HTIB00742U  Tibetan language 3

Volume 2013/2014
Udbydes efter Studieordning for Asienstudier på BA-niveau med specialisering i de centrale fag Indologi, Japanstudier, Kinastudier, Koreastudier, Sydøstasienstudier og Tibetologi, 2010-ordningen

Literary: Reading Tibetan texts on the subject of Karma (see also the content course ‘Concepts of Karma in Buddhism’).

Modern: This part of the course is taught as a supplement to the content course "Tibet and the politics of religion" (Danish: Spiritualitet, tibetanske buddhister og politisk organisering). We investigate politico-religious issues in three kinds of Tibetan language materials: 1) sound recordings of a discussion on the issue between two Tibetans, 2) academic discourse written by Tibetan scholars, and 3) policy announcements and news items.

This course also has a conversational module, which aims to develop the students' ability to express themselves and speak Tibetan and understand the spoken modern Tibetan language.
Learning Outcome
BA 2010-ordning:
Tibetansk sprog 3 (fagelementkode HTIB00741E)

Literary: Tibetan text will be made available as PDF in Absalon.

Modern: A master copy with the texts, annotated transcriptions and an audio file will be provided at the first class meeting.
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Literary: Reading and analysing Tibetan text.

Modern: Class teaching: reading and analyzing Tibetan texts, as well as listen to and discuss audio-files together with annotated transcriptions of the recordings with a focus on pronunciation, grammar deviations, code switching, and so forth.
The 15 ECTS of this course are obtained through the combined classes of Trine and Jan.
Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment
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  • 28
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  • 384,5
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  • 412,5