HTIA00673U  Content Course 1 and Easy Reading

Volume 2013/2014
Udbydes efter Studieordning for Asienstudier på BA-niveau med specialisering i de centrale fag Indologi, Japanstudier, Kinastudier, Koreastudier, Sydøstasienstudier og Tibetologi, 2010-ordningen

Content Course 1, 2 hrs

  • use of monolingual dictionaries, bibliographies in European languages, Tibetan dkar chag, Tibetan names of persons and elements in Tibetan book titles, different Tibetan scripts (dbu med)

and Easy Reading, 2 hrs

  • easy Tibetan reading (children’s book, tales, comics, reader’s digest versions etc.)
Learning Outcome
BA 2010-ordning:
Tibetologisk realia 1 (fagelementkode HTIB00671E)
Tibetologisk realia 2 (fagelementkode HTIB00731E)
Tibetologisk realia 3 (fagelementkode HTIB00761E)

BA 2005-ordning:
Tibetologisk Realia B (fagelementkode HTIB00401E)
Tibetologisk Realia C (fagelementkode HTIB00421E)
lectures, discussions
Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Preparation
  • 356,5
  • Lectures
  • 56
  • Total
  • 412,5