HRUA01096U Central Asian Security Studies

Volume 2013/2014
Udbydes efter Studieordning for Øst- og Sydøsteuropastudier på BA-niveau med specialisering i de centrale fag Balkanstudier, Grækenlandstudier, Polsk og Russisk, 2010-ordningen og Studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i
Russisk Sprog og Kultur 2008-ordningen

A study of wider Central Asia from a security perspective and with a focus on past, current and future security issues.

 The course will include discussion of case studies drawn from the states of the entire region, including but not limited to the states of post-Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, adjacent or more distant great powers such as Russia, China and the USA as well as various international organisations.

 Among the key issues of the course will be security complexes, threat dynamics and elimination, problems of domestic collapse and state weakness, democratisation and economic development, regional co-operation and interaction with external powers.

This course aims to bring students an understanding of the regional character of wider Central Asia, of the security dynamics and patterns within and among the states of this region as well as outside involvement in local and regional affairs. As part of this, the course aims to enable students to employ a wide variety of central theoretical insights, including security, political and economic theory, into their analysis of the region and to analyse and to critically reflect on the policies of various actors, be these of a local, regional or international nature.

Learning Outcome

BA 2010.ordning:
Fordybelsesemne (fagelementkode HRUB01091E)
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HRUB01101E)
BA projekt (fagelementkode HRUB01111E)

KA 2008-ordning (russisk):
Valgfag (fagelementkode HRUK03371E)

KA 2008-ordning (Østeuropastudier):
Valgfag (fagelementkode HØEK03261E
Students will be required to read a collection of book chapters and articles. These will be made available electronically.
The course builds on discussion and thus heavy student participation and involvement, including an individual briefing on a "surprise" topic. No less than 24 hours before class I will inform you by e-mail of who will do the next briefing on a current topic. The briefing may not exceed ten minutes.
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