HREA0031IU NGOs, the state and religion. The organisation of civil society with emphasis on India and South Asia

Volume 2013/2014
Udbydes efter:
2010-studieordning Studieordning for det centrale fag i Religionsvidenskab, 2010 eller Tilvalg 2007-studieordning Studieordning for i Religionsvidenskab.
2008-studieordning i Religionshistorie,
2008-studieordning i Religionssociologi
2008- studieordning for det gymnasierettede kandidattilvalg i religionsvidenskab

The student will be able to address comparative approaches to theories regarding associational approaches to civil society, state and religion in a critical way.

The course is part of a Nordic collaboration under NORDPlus on Sør-Asia-undervisning. The classes will be taught as Videokonference or or other net media at Department for Cross-Cultural Studies in Copenhagen, but it will be possible to follow them in real time at the other Universities in the programme.

Learning Outcome
BA 2010-studieordning:
Valgfrit område (fagelementkode HREB00311E)
BA tilvalg 2008-studieordning:
Religionsanalytisk område A (fagelementkode HREB10091E)
Religionsanalytisk område B (fagelementkode HREB10101E)

KA Religionshistorie 2008-studieordning:
Speciel religionshistorie A (fagelementkode HRHK03661E)
Speciel religionshistorie B (fagelementkode HRHK03671E)

KA Religionssociologi 2008-studieordning:
Særligt studeret område 1 (HRSK03431E)
Særligt studeret område 2 (HRSK03491E)

KA Religionsvidenskab, gymnasierettede 2008-studieordning:
Valgfrit originalsprogsemne (HREK03031E)
Selected chapters from Civil Society and Democracy. A Reader (ed. Carolyn M. Elliot, Oxford India Paperbacks, Themes in Politics, Oxford University Press: New Delhi, 2003 (or later)) together with a compendium circulated electronically or via Absalon study interface
A full BA degree or studying at the BA in religionsvidenskab, Indology, Indian Studies, or another BA with elements of social sciences.
Lectures, colloquia, exercises
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